Monday, November 10, 2008

Moonlight Serenade

Here is how to play this famous song by Glenn Miller:

In the key of Bb, start with F6 by fretting F on the B string, 6th fret with your index finger. The pinky holds the bass note C on the low E string. Hold that chord for the duration of the bar (4/4).

Now change to B diminished, by placing your middle finger on the B bass (7th fret, low E string); bar B, G and D string with your index on the 6th fret and ass ring finger on the 7th fret of the G string. Hold for the entire bar.

Switch to Bb6, by moving your middle finger one fret down, to the Bb bass note (low E string, 6th fret). Place your ring finger on the B string 6th fret, pinky on the 7th fret G string, and index on the 5th fret D string. Hold for the entire bar (four beats).

Go down to the 3rd fret and play C9 chord.

After four beats, go up to the 8th fret and play F major 7. Then play F7 in the same position. After that, switch to F9 on the 8th fret.

Now go down to D7. After that, go up to the 10th fret and play G minor #9 (your pinky should la Bb high note on the B string 11th fret). After that, play standard C13 on the 8th fret.

Finally, go all the way down to F major chord, on the 1st fret. Play the turnaround -- C diminished for 2 beats and then C7 for 2 beats. You're done.

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