Thursday, November 13, 2008

Santana "Give me Love"

One of the most underrated ballads ever recorded, "Give Me Love" is a pearl in the mud that is worth every effort seeking after and transcribing. Recorded in 1977 and released on Santana's album "Festival", this gem represents one of the pinnacles in the genre I like to call spiritual pop (Santana was famous for recording a long streak of spiritual pop music, mostly on albums such as "Caravanserai", "Welcome", and "Borboletta").

The ballad in question here was recorded in a steady, even tempo, in the key of F. The shimmering opening chord arpeggio, played gorgeously by Carlos, gives way to a brief introductory vamp. The horn section enters, followed by the fantastic lead vocals by Leon Patillo. The rest defies being put into words. Just go there and listen for yourself.

Here are the chords:

Opening arpeggio -- E minor 7 (pinky on the second string, third fret, index on the fifth string, second fret, all other strings open)

Opening vamp -- C major 7/G minor 7 (both chords played on the third fret)

The main progression:

C major 7 - G minor 7/C7/F major 7 - Bb7/Bb major 7/B major 7/C major 7


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